NEW Dance Classes Begin September 1st! Enroll Today!

Thrive Dance has been restructured to support classically trained and technically proficient dancers from the ages 2 ½ to 18 years. Our dance program will be lead with the same positive energy, enthusiasm and commitment to learning that all our other programs embrace. Thrive Dance will focus on terminology, execution and performance.  Our dancers will have a great amount of fun, while also learning to respect the art of dance in a healthy, thriving environment.  Our Dance Division is now under the direction of Sara Cato Bailey who is a professional dancer and nationally recognized master teacher and judge.

Below is an example of what each class may offer. It is important to note that the contents of class will be age and level appropriate. As our dancers advance we will introduce music theory, history, choreography, and study the influential artists past and present.

Questions about our Dance Program?


Thrive Dance Schedule-Annapolis

 Class Levels

The following breakdown is a general guideline and a good starting point to enroll your dancer. Depending on experience level, the dancer may be asked to move down (in order to provide them a better foundation) or move up (to challenge them more) after they have had their first trail class.

Preschool Combo 1: 1 hour (2 ½ -3 years OR a young 4)

Ballet, Tap, Gymnastics

Preschool Combo 2: 1 hour (4-5 years – 5 year old before kindergarten)

            Ballet, Tap, Gymnastics

Level 1 Combo: 1.5 hours (Kindergarten)

            Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Gymnastics

Level 2 Combo: 1.5 hours (1st and 2nd Grade)

            Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling

Level 3 Combo: 1.5 hours (3rd and 4th Grade)

            Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Tumbling

Hip Hop Combo: 1.5 hours (6-12 years)

            Hip Hop and Tumbling