Pre-school (3yrs to 5yrs)

Pre-School Age Classes - (3yrs to 5 yrs)

Thrive Gymnastics offers a variety of innovative classes to keep pre-school age children engaged and active! The sport or activity may differ, but each Thrive Gymnastics Program guarantees:

  • A high energy class that balance structure and exploration to provide children with a positive learning experience.
  • An opportunity for children to succeed and grow in an independent class environment. 
  • A thoughtfully planned curriculum that uses the natural energy of a child to facilitate learning, movement and social growth.
  • A teaching team that is committed to meeting each child where they are and helping them to achieve their definition of success. 




A wonderful mix of fun, learning and gymnastics perfect for boys and girls 3 to 5 years old. These 60 minute classes teach children how to balance, swing, tumble and perform basic gymnastics skills on all four events and tumbl trak! Each event station allows children to work in a circuit instead of waiting in line! Each circuit includes opportunities to learn a new skill spotted by the instructor, practice gross motor skills, challenge fine motor skills and review skills already introduced.  Our thoughtfully designed circuits center also incorporate the theme for the week. 


dance/gymnastics combo

Boys and girls ages 3 to 6 years learn the basics of dance and gymnastics in this fun filled 60 minute class. Children learn the fundamentals of tap, ballet and gymnastics in a fun and positive way. Children learn dance steps, rhythms and age appropriate combinations. The gymnastics portion of the class is 30 minutes teaches gymnastics skills including tumbling, bars, beam and vault. Every two weeks, children are introduced to a new set of skills and a new imaginative theme that help to teach the skills in a fun and innovative manner.


gym ninjas

This 45 minute, high energy class, mixes taekwondo and gymnastics in a unique way. Ninjas learn the core values of taekwondo at an age appropriate level. These core values include respecting others, listening to direction, and self discipline. Ninjas learn basic stances, motions and patterns. During the gymnastics portion of class, ninjas complete gymnastics circuits where they learn basic tumbling, bar skills and other fundamental gymnastics skills. This entire class is taught in a positive and fun way with plenty of movement and very little waiting!


sports skills

Beginning November 1st,  2017

This dynamic 45 minute class introduces the basics of football, soccer, baseball, hockey and more while allowing children to learn at their own pace and achieve success in a non-competitive environment! Sport Skills is offered to children 3 to 5 years old. The class focuses on a new sport every two weeks and uses our gymnastics equipment to help build strength, agility and coordination. Skills are taught in the same circuit style structure as our gymnastics classes so there is very little waiting and a ton of action!



It’s the best of both worlds! A special class for your preschooler that challenges them to use their creativity and increases physical fitness all in one class! This 60 minute class includes 30 minutes of Art and 30 minutes of gymnastics instruction for a one of a kind class experience! 



COMING Nov 8th,  2017

This 45 minute class introduces children to motions, jumps, chants and  cheers while keeping children engaged and moving! Perfect for children 3 to 5 years old.  Children learn the fundamentals of cheerleading and tumbling while learning to link basics together to create short routines and performances.. A perfect introduction to the sport of cheer in a non-competitive and positive environment!