Grade School (6yrs to 10yrs)

Thrive Gymnastics offers a variety of innovative classes to allow grade school age children to learn new skills and grow their self confidence through physical activity. The sport or activity may differ, but each Thrive Gymnastics Grade School Program guarantees:

  • A comprehensive program with multiple levels of classes that facilitate skill progressions, skill mastery and personal growth for each child.
  • A thoughtfully planned curriculum that encourages skill growth, physical strengthening and teaching life lessons through sport.
  • Qualified instructors who are committed to growing their knowledge base and teaching skills through on-going training and certifications.
  • A teaching team that is committed to meeting each child where they are and helping them to achieve their definition of success.




Boys and girls ages 6 to 10 years learn  coordination, balance, agility, flexibility and strength through the  progression of basic, intermediate and  advanced     gymnastics skills. These 60 to 75 minute classes are packed with learning, skill     building and constant motion. Every two weeks, gymnasts focus on a new set of skills at each event with a new theme that makes learning fun and exciting!

Advanced levels require instructor invitation.





Children improve coordination,  flexibility and strength through the  progression  of basic, intermediate and  advanced  tumbling skills These one hour tumbling classes are packed with instruction, drills and circuits that help children progress tumbling skills needed to complement competitive cheerleading and dance routines. Great for the cheerleader, dancer or gymnast who wants to have an extra edge on the competition!


Gym Ninjas

A high energy class, for children 6yrs to 10 years old, that provides an opportunity to receive an introduction to basic martial arts and gymnastics while building strength and confidence. Ninjas will spend 30 minutes learning basic level martial arts patterns, movements and motions. Children learn the core principle s of our beginner martial arts class with a focus on discipline and physical conditioning. During the gymnastics portion of class, children learn gymnastics skills including basic tumbling, bar skills and vaulting. Students will utilize gymnastics  equipment, tae kwon do equipment, and build physical strength. This is a 60 minute class.



Coming Fall 2017